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$99 US to Europe fare returns, with good availability

While many airlines have talked about low budget transatlantic travel, WOW Air have just got on with it. The good news is, their much sought after $99 Boston to Reykjavik fare is now back, with (at the time of writing) wide availability in April, May and June 2015.

WOW air $99

Fares for the return leg are not available at $99, but they are as low as $164.39, putting an all-in Boston to Reykjavik return at $263.39.

By way of example, here’s a long weekend flight in late April/early May: (more…)

US to Europe flights at $119 all-in (returns at $298)

Iceland-based WOW Air recently made a stir by offering some short-lived $99 fares. However, some fares are almost back at these levels.  WOW’s pricing is incredibly dynamic and, at the time of writing, it is offering one-way fares between Boston and Iceland (KEF) at a very impressive $119.

wow air

While you will need to be flexible with your dates, that puts all-in return fares as low as $298. They may be a budget carrier, but both the $119 one way and $298 return fares are exceptional value.

The $119 fare is currently available on 14/21/28 April, and 5/12/19/26 May.


US to Europe flights – continued availability at $150

While the debate continues over whether Ryanair will commence transatlantic flights*, it’s worth remembering that budget airlines are already offering “low cost” flights between Europe and the US.

wow air boston

The most aggressive operator here is almost certainly the Icelandic carrier, WOW Air.

WOW grabbed the headlines by offering some short-lived $99 fares, but continues to offer bargain basement prices on transatlantic flights, including (at the time of writing) fares from the US (Boston Logan) to Iceland at just $150. (more…)



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