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BARGAIN: London to Copenhagen return at £1.98 (inc. tax) – be quick

I have no idea how long this fare will last, but Ryanair is currently offering return flights in April and May 2015 from London (Luton) to Copenhagen for a remarkable £1.98 all-in return (i.e. including taxes).

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If this is of any use to you, be quick. It will not last long.

Here is an example booking we made just now:



Frankly if you only book this speculatively, the worst that can happen if you cannot go is you’re £1.98 down!


  1. scott says:

    wow, so cheap. Is this an error fare or sale?

  2. Even at that price, even if I had the time, even if I lived next to Luton so didn’t have any extra travel costs, I would not fly Ryanair.

    • euflyer says:

      Michael O’Leary has an eminently punchable face.

      However, with the enormous improvements to the website, the allocated seating and the more relaxed approach to hand luggage, they are a long way better than they used to be.

      Indeed, I never thought I would say this, but having recently flown easyJet, I would argue Ryanair is now the superior experience. easyJet are absolute hand luggage jobsworths.

      (I also think if you lived next to Luton airport, you would use every possible mode of transport to get as far away from it as you possibly could.)

      • gnarlyoldgoatdude says:

        As an Army Brat, I have strong memories of Air Trooping flights from Luton on Britannia. I must have made 30 flights to or from Wildenrath, Gutersloh or Dusseldorf. Sometimes it would be on RAF aircraft instead of Britannia’s trusty 737s, but Luton was always the common denominator. As such I have a soft spot for Luton, and can still remember the LIA (Luton International Airport) carpeting.

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