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Free Air Malta return ticket between Malta and Sicily

Air Malta has just released details of an interesting promotion. Book an Air Malta flight to/from Malta (travelling in June 2015) by 11:59 CET+1 on 12 May and you will also get a free return ticket between Malta and Catania (Sicily), also for travel in June.

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What’s more, the first 100 free Catania tickets will indeed be totally free, including all fees and taxes. All other “free” flights to Catania will require payment of these charges.

This is actually quite a clever promotion, and could work very well for you.

If you are thinking of a flight to Malta in June (or if this offer now persuades you), it gives you a fantastic opportunity to get over to Sicily, too, at minimal cost. Sicily is an absolutely superb destination, and a visit there is well worth annexing to any Malta trip.

As an example itinerary including the free flight, head over to Malta from the UK for a week in June, and you will get the return flight to Sicily thrown in – which you can easily use for a two day trip to Sicily. The flight is barely half an hour. 

Indeed, we have previously highlighted what a great place it is to go to, in our 10 Reasons To Visit…Sicily Part I and Part II.

For those needing to have Malta sold to them, have a look at our 10 Reasons To Visit…Malta.

To claim the free ticket, book your June flight before the end of 12 May, then call the Air Malta call centre on 00 356 2166 2211 with your booking reference: they will then arrange the free flight.

The full terms and conditions of this offer can be found here.

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