Reminder: 700 free American AAdvantage miles each month

I was sent a recent reminder about a great little offer, which is worth sharing. American Airlines AAdvantage has now joined the Holidaycheck fold, and you will earn 70 AAdvantage miles for each hotel review you post on Holidaycheck.

holidaycheck miles

Positive as this is, it should not detract from the fact that you can already, as we have previously highlighted, earn more generous mileage amounts in other schemes, as follows:

  • Lufthansa Miles and More – 100 miles per review
  • Etihad Guest – 150 miles per review
  • airberlin Topbonus – 150 miles per review
  • PINS (airbaltic) – 150 miles per review

earn aadvantage miles

It very much depends on your circumstances of course, but I personally would not take 70 AAdvantage points when 150 Etihad Guest or Miles and More miles are an available alternative.

You can credit up to 10 hotel reviews per month to each frequent flyer scheme. What’s more, if you have previously posted reviews on, you can even get miles retroactively credited for reviews from the last 6 months: simply send an email to with your AAdvantage membership number.

Note that (unlike Tripadvisor), Holidaycheck will periodically ask you for proof of your stay so “creative” reviews are a risk. Some people address this by booking refundable rates and then cancelling, so they have a “proof of booking”, but clearly you make the decision here.

Feel free to give me heat in the comments for calling these miles “free” – but frankly a lot of people write hotel reviews anyway, plus it takes such little time, I’m going to stand by it…

If you want full details of various ways of earning free airline miles and points, have a look at our dedicated page here. For starters there’s 4250 AAdvantage miles available!

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