1,000 free American Airlines miles

American Airlines is currently offering 1,000 free AAdvantage miles for a few simple clicks. Simply click on this link, and you’ll be taken to the “AAdvantage University”.

free american airlines miles 2015

Once at the AAdvantage University website, you will be given the opportunity to watch six videos. You don’t need to bother – just skip to the end of them, get the question asked right or wrong, and you will earn a total of 1,000 AAdvantage points.

You will also be entered into a draw to win 840,000 AAdvantage miles (more than enough for the advertised prize of “two First Class round-trip tickets to anywhere we fly”).

This offer remains open until 12 June 2015.

Per the terms and conditions, this offer is only open to US residents. I am not US resident but completed the questions and entered my details without issue. Whether the points will land in my account is, of course, another question…

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  1. However, the videos are quite good fun and vaguely interesting. There all only one or two minutes in length. I don’t think they told me much that I didn’t know, but I was happy to watch them to top up my account.

    When it came to my wife’s account, however, I fast-forwarded to the end.

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